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Questions and Answers

Why is the EquiPedic pad different from other pads?

There are five reasons why.

bulletThe patent pending EquiKOOL™ Temperature Management System keeps your horse cooler and more comfortable over extended periods of time, automatically recharging. This will allow your horse to perform better. Wouldn’t you perform better when exercising if you were cooler? No other pad can offer this feature!
bulletThe TEMPUR® pressure relieving material™ protects your horse like no other material. It conforms to your horse’s body and the bars of your saddle. It fills in gaps caused by ill fitting saddles and variations in body style, even swaybacks! It completely eliminates pressure points caused by these conditions. It is orthopedic in nature and eliminates sore backs on horses.
bulletIn addition to being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial by nature, it is completely machine washable!
bulletUnlike other pads, every component of the EquiPedic™ pad is 100% breathable. There is nothing in our pad that will hinder or stop moisture transport and evaporation to the atmosphere. Your horse will stay cooler and drier at all times.
bulletIt is truly an anti-slip pad. EquiGrip Strips™, made from ToughTek®, lock your pad into place from the pressure of the saddle bars from your saddle. It will not slip from front to back or up and down. Its relationship to your saddle will remain constant regardless of terrain variations.

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Does the EquiPedic pad breathe?

Absolutely! More than any other pad on the market. The pad uses a multi-layered construction consisting of all breathable materials. The layer closest to your horse is wool. This material is 100% breathable and wicks moisture away from your horse’s back better than any other material. The next layer is our EquiKOOL™ Temperature Management System. It is embodied in a non woven material that allows for further moisture transport from your horse’s back as well as managing your horse’s surface body temperature. The next layer is a densified polyester material similar to materials used in air filtration systems. This layer allows for more moisture transport and evaporation. The TEMPUR® pressure relieving material™ is made from open cell material allowing for even more evaporation. The outer layer of the EquiPedic™ pad is made from uncoated 1000 denier Cordura™, allowing for moisture evaporation. Other pads use polyurethane coated Cordura™ that is not breathable and blocks evaporation. These other pads actually trap moisture inside their pads!

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What's wrong with gel pads and air pads?

Both gel pads and airs pads attempt to address the shock absorption problem in the same way. They enclose an absorption medium in an enclosed bladder that can't breathe. The bladders are placed right under the bars of the saddle where air flow is most important. As a result, the horse gets extremely hot and sweats more! The other problem with these pads is that the absorption medium is limited by the confines of the bladder. As more pressure is applied from your saddle or your weight, these mediums will compress until they become hard as a rock or they will squeeze out from under the saddle. At this point, they will actually hurt your horse! The TEMPUR® pressure relieving material™ used in our pads will spread beyond its original envelope as more pressure is applied and will continue to disperse the impact load laterally rather than downward. This provides superior impact and pressure relief than any other medium!

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Why do I still see sweat marks?

All horses sweat when they run. The EquiPedic™ pad with the EquiKOOL™ Temperature Management System does not stop your horse from sweating. It moderates and manages the surface body temperature of your horse. By keeping the surface body temperature closer to the horse’s normal temperature, it helps the horse to feel more comfortable and cooler. It helps the horse to sweat less over extended periods of time, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the sweat.

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Why does your pad look thicker than others?

Looks can be deceiving. The EquiPedic™ pad uses 1.125" of TEMPUR® pressure relieving material™ for our inserts. The pad itself is only ½" thick. However, with a saddle and rider in place, the pad and the inserts are designed to compress down in size, though never less than 3/4" in thickness underneath the saddle bars. The pad is actually a close contact pad. Where your legs make contact with your horse, you only have between 1/4" and ½" of material.

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Why do you have a cutback?

The EquiPedic™ pad with EquiKOOL™ was designed to fit a variety of horses. Some horses have flat withers while others have withers that resemble ski slopes. The modified cutback on our pad will accommodate both of these horses as well as any in between, including swaybacks. Our EquiGrip Strips made from ToughTek® ensure that the pad will not slip and will stay in place on any shape horse. Also, this design allows greater freedom of movement for the shoulders of the horse and allows them to perform better.

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Don't cutback pads slide down in front?

The front ends of our pad will not slide down like other cutback pads. The EquiGrip Strips™ are made from a material specifically designed to prevent slipping in wet conditions. Our EquiGrip Strips™ lock the top of pad to the bottom of the bars of the saddle, preventing the pad from moving in relationship to the saddle. The pad won’t slide from front to back either.

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How do you wash the EquiPedic saddle pad?

Simply remove the TEMPUR® pressure relieving material™ from their pockets and drop the pad in your home washing machine. Wash with cold water on gentle cycle, tumble dry at the lowest setting, and your pad is as clean as it was when new! If you want to wash the TEMPUR® inserts, simply soak them in a vinegar and water solution and allow them to air dry.

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