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The Ultimate In Equine Comfort...TM

There is no other saddle pad like it! EquiPedic, Inc. has utilized the latest in space age technology and proven existing technology to bring you the ultimate in equine comfort!TM  Combining phase change material, the most advanced pressure relieving material, natural wool, and non coated breathable 1000 denier Cordura, allowed us to create a saddle pad that actually lowers the body surface temperature of your horse while protecting it's back! All in an orthopedic, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, machine washable saddle pad!

Your Horse will Love You For It!

Temperature Management System

Derived from technology developed by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures in outer space, the patent pending Temperature Management System of the EquiPedicsaddle pad will keep your horse cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's cold!

Testing of the Comfortemp® phase change material used in our pad has been shown to lower body surface temperature by as much as 4-6 degrees. This unique feature will give you and your horse an unfair advantage when under performance.

Unlike membrane wicking fabrics that just transfer limited amounts of moisture, EquiKOOL™ turns your saddle pad into an active cooling system that regulates the body temperature of your horse!

Pressure Relieving

TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material™ will protect your horse from pressure points created by a combination of the downward weight of the saddle and rider. The cellular structure of the TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material™ is completely different from other viscoelastic, memory foam used in other pads.

Developed by the industry leader, TEMPUR-PEDIC, specifically for equestrian use, it is nearly twice the density used by others and is temperature sensitive as well.

The TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material™ will provide impact load dispersion laterally rather than downward. The billions of ultra high density, viscoelastic, memory cells will literally shift position and reorganize to conform to your horse's body contours and the contours of your saddle as your horse moves!

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